Health is Wealth: Keeping Priorities Straight During Setbacks

Setbacks are inevitable. It is when we least expect it that circumstances beyond our control come along and knock us off course for a minute or two. It is during those times that we must grab hold of those circumstances, and rather than let them derail us, ride them to wherever they may take us. Only then can we overcome and continue to move forward. In any situation, we have the choice to feel overwhelmed and give up, or to grind our teeth and live for the challenge.

This past week has been a an exhausting whirlwind of medical tests and doctors visits. Thursday (July 12), I saw my oncologist for a routine checkup, and It was discovered that my platelets were down. Although I hadn’t had any sign or symptom of relapse, my doctor was very concerned. And, not being one to waste any time, he sent me in for multiple tests to get to the bottom of things…Monday was a bone marrow biopsy, Wednesday was a CT Scan, and Thursday was my follow up for the results…

To my absolute delight, and relief, everything was fine. My bone marrow was clean! My Scan was all clear! My blood count was back to normal! It was just a false alarm! My doctor seems to think the reason for the unusual drop was more than likely due to my body trying to fight off a virus of some sort. Of course, he’s going to watch me more closely for a while. I’m back on 3 month visits instead of 6, but better safe than sorry. As of right now, I am still, THANKFULLY, very much in remission!

Health should always be the number one priority. Everything else is just a variable byproduct. Don’t get so wrapped up in your “fitness” that you forget about your health. I’ve only gotten in two workout days this week, and that’s ok! I haven’t fallen off the fitness wagon. My progress is in no way lacking. I will not be “starting over”….I’ve rested, I’ve recouped, and I will be moving on.

Everything happens for a reason. This little health scare wasn’t for nothing. I was prepared and ready to start treatment again, but thankfully God had other plans. Today, I am more grateful for my health than ever. I have an amazing support group, I’m blessed beyond measure, and I will continue to be grateful as I accept and embrace whatever challenges lie ahead.

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