The Truth About Working Our At Home

Q: Is working out at home really as effective as working out in the gym?

A: Ok, it IS true that most gyms do have a wide variety of equipment, and some of the larger commercial facilities/health clubs even offer various fitness classes, on sight trainers, pre and post workout therapies, swimming pools, saunas, tanning beds, etc.


The answer to the above question is,


Working out at home IS just as effective as working out in the gym.

With no more than a few simple and relatively inexpensive pieces of equipment, you can do virtually anything at home that you can do in the gym.

  • Burn fat,
  • Build muscle,
  • Increase strength and power,
  • Improve endurance.
  • Improve overall health and wellness

Whatever your goal, you can achieve it at home, just as efficiently as you can in the gym.

Q: So, which is better, home or gym?

A: Both!

In the end, it all comes down to YOU and your personal situation/preference.

If the gym is your domain, own it! If you’re more comfortable at home, kill it there! Choosing one over the other will neither speed up nor slow down your progress.

#TroothBomb: YOU are the determining factor…Regardless of how much time you have to devote, you’re ALWAYS going get out what you put in, no matter where you choose to workout.

For me, working out at home has always just been the best option. Due to being unable to drive because of visual impairment, getting to the gym everyday has never been a possibility. So, I turned my home into my own personal gym, by adding various pieces o equipment a little bit at a time. In the beginning, all I had was a set of 5# dumbbells, a stability ball, a little imagination, and a whole lot of determination…

It’s taken time, patience, and a little ingenuity along the way, but I’m extremely proud of what I’ve put together. I’ve been able to crush every goal I’ve set, and I’ve designed and built programs to help others do the same.

No matter your situation, make it work!

Set goals and start crushing them!

Just take things one day, one workout, one rep at a time.

(Photo: January, 2016-August, 2018)

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