What Keeps Me Going, Even When I ‘Don’t Wanna’

#Confession: I almost tapped out this morning before I even got started.

When my clock whet off at 5:25am, I almost turned it off and rolled over. My thought process was “It’s Saturday…I’ve gone at it hard all week, and it wold be so nice to sleep in…What’s one day?”.

Then, I sat up, stretched, drank my first 20oz of water, and got out of bed…I got my coffee and BCAAs, got dressed, did 20 minuets of fastest cardio, followed by 25 minuets of core, took my short break, had a small snack, and finally, hammered my biceps and triceps for about 45 minuets.

I struggled a little, and I cussed A LOT…but I got it done!

In reality, taking today off wouldn’t have really mattered all that much. It wouldn’t have set me back or derailed me. It wouldn’t have offset or reversed my progress in any way. And, to be honest, it probably wouldn’t have triggered too much regret or guilt. BUT, it wouldn’t have made me happy, either, and it certainly wouldn’t have made things any easier come Monday.(Sundays are Rest Days regardless…also please NOTE: if I had REALLY felt like I needed it, instead of just not wanting to get out of bed, I would have taken off and rested, because listening to your body is adamant…)

#TruthBomb: it NEVER gets easier!…Sure, you get stronger, and it becomes part of your life, but it NEVER gets easy.

Often, 5 out of the 6 days a week that I workout, I DON’T wanna!

I DON’T wanna get up almost 2 1/2 hours before I actually have to.

I DON’T wanna do 15-20 minuets of soul shattering fasted cardio first thing in the morning, because cardio IS hardio, especially when you’re not even totally awake yet!

I DON’T, wanna pick up heavy weights and put ‘em back down, because, in all honesty, that shit’s hard too!

I DON’T wanna drag out all my equipment, change plates, switch dumbbells, put on and take off bands and ankle weights, roll out my yoga mat, move my bench and bike around, then have to put everything back up neatly (because I’m OCD about that kinda thing) when I’m finished, and totally wiped out from the day’s sweat sessions.

No, I DON’T always wanna, but I do it anyway…

I do it because it’s my routine, my habit, part of my lifestyle…I do it because it keeps me healthy and makes me happy…I do it because I enjoy seeing what my body is capable of…I do it for the endorphin rush…I do it because it’s hard…I do it because I can..I do it for every drop of sweet, every challenging rep, every ounce of energy it takes to get through it…I do it to see what I can accomplish…I do it, not because I have to, but because I really and truly LOVE it!…

I do it for ME!

People often say “I wish I had your motivation”.

So do I! It’d sure make getting up in the morning a lot easier!

Second #TruthBomb: Motivation isn’t something that comes naturally. No one is just born with it. And, despite how it may seem, NO ONE is motivated ALL the time!

In the end, it all comes down to forging good habits and being dedicated to those habits…You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to wake up every morning and tell yourself “I DO want this!…I CAN do this!…I AM GOING to to make this happen!” Then, get up and do it!

Persistence is what’s going to get you there, but consistency (dedication) is what’ll keep you going.

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