Finding Support Within Yourself, Because Sometimes, That’s All Ya Got:

#TruthBomb: The more consistent and experienced you become with your health and fitness, the more “extreme” and “excessive” you will be perceived by others.

Please know, if you are healthy, strong, and LOVE what you’re doing, you are NOT extreme or excessive…You are PROGRESSING!…If you’re working hard and feeling good, then you ARE living your best life, and THAT! IS! EVERYTHING!

Those around you, even those closest to you, are not always going to support you. Some might even try to discourage you out of pettiness, jealousy, spite, or contempt. They are the ones who see how far you’ve come and all that you’ve accomplished, and it somehow makes them feel inadequate. They’ll call you “obsessed”, “selfish”, “unhealthy”. They’ll do anything in their power to make you feel bad and deter you from your goals…Don’t let them!…Realize, the problem isn’t with you, it’s with them, or WITHIN them, rather…

Others, on the other hand, simply won’t understand, because they haven’t been there to see all that you’ve overcome to get to where you are. They are the ones who only see the present with no knowledge of the past. They may see you where they, themselves, want to be, forgetting that everyone, even you, had to start somewhere. They’ll often ask, “Why do you do what you do?”, in regards to the way you eat, workout, and live life, in general…Be honest with them. Tell them you do it for YOU!

Don’t get me wrong, there WILL be people in your corner, people who genuinely want to see you succeed…cherish and hold onto them…BUT don’t rely solely on the validation of others to give you a sense of adequacy. Learn to find support within yourself, realize your own potential, and be damn proud of EVERYTHING you accomplish!…And Please…Please…PLEASE don’t let ANYONE make you second guess yourself…EVER!

You may wanna take this next statement with a grain of salt, BUT…

In regards to your health and fitness goals, YOUR opinion is the only one that really matters, and YOU are the ONLY one who can decide what YOU truly want, because YOU are the ONLY one who knows what’s best for YOU!

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