Abs Won’t Make You Happy:

I wanna let you in on a little secret…Abs won’t make you happy…A bigger butt or boobs won’t make you happy…Increasing muscle definition won’t make you happy…Decreasing your total body fat % won’t make you happy… Decreasing the number on the scale won’t make you happy…Cosmetic surgery to obtain any of the above won’t make you happy…

Physically changing your body won’t make you happy if you’re doing so because you hate that body…I know, because I had to learn that for myself.

Like so many, I used to think that physical “perfection” was the secret to happiness. I equated happiness with weighing a certain weight, wearing a certain size, looking a certain way, and I let those things define who I was. I used to think that if I could make my body project the “perfect” physical image, I would be happy…So, I pushed my body, far beyond limits that should have ever been pushed, and guess what I discovered along the way?

The “perfect” physical image does NOT exist!

True happiness has NOTHING to do with appearance…True happiness comes from within you!…It comes from being able to love and accept yourself where you are, right now, this very minute.

No matter what you do, how much weight you lose, how much muscle you gain, or how much you physically transform and change your body’s composition, if yo don’t already love and appreciate yourself, you still won’t be happy, because you’ll still see nothing but flaws when you look at yourself.

Now, I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t set goals towards bettering yourself, but I am telling you that you should do so because you love and value your body, not because you feel dissatisfied or inadequate. Stop mentally beating yourself down!…Your happiness depends on it!

Today, I am so much more than my physical appearance. My abs don’t define me. My body fat % and weight don’t define me. My jean size doesn’t define me. My flaws, imperfections, and impairments DO NOT define me, and those things don’t define you either.

Rise up!…Take control!…LOVE WHO YOU ARE…

Because, YOU are so much more!

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