At-Home Fitness Programs:

Currently, I’ve got four At-Home programs (which can be easily adapted to the gym), plus an At-Home Bodyweight HIIT program that can be done anytime, anywhere!

-My 12-Week Beginners Program focuses on “getting started”, so to speak. It’s designed in 4 3-week periodized phases, staring off with simple bodyweight exercises, and very light resistance (dumbbells), and it progresses to more complex workouts, using heavier weights. It begins with total body workouts that are performed in a circuit fashion, and ends with a split schedule (different workouts focusing on specific muscle groups). It also includes a HIIT circuit that can be used for cardio, a step by step exercises how-to guide, and personalized nutrition strategies, including daily energy expenditure calculations and Calorie goal recommendations based on your specific goals. It is $60

-My At-Home Strong Tone and Sculpt Program is a continuation of my Beginners program, but it is certainly ok to start with this one! (Most everyone does) It is set up on a split schedule, for five days a week (Monday & Friday: Biceps and Triceps, Tuesday & Thursday: Legs, and Wednesday: Back and Shoulders) The first part of the program consist of 2 6-week phases (12 Weeks total) with two different sets of workouts (for example, the first six weeks you’ll do one workout, then you switch to another workout for the second six weeks. This allows you to keep progressing without hitting a plateau). I’m actually working on, and about to launch an extension to this program, which includes 2 additional 6 week phases, making the program 24 weeks total. I’m also working on putting together a private Facebook group for my Tone and Sculpt ladies, where you’ll be able to access workout videos and share your results with one another, an me, of course! This program also includes my Bodyweight HIIT Circuit Program, which consists of 10 different HIIT circuits that you can choose from to use as cardio, a step by step exercise how-to guide,2 short exercise tutorial videos for the first part (more to come), and personalized “Nutrition Strategies”. It is $60

-My At-Home Booty Sculpt, is specifically designed for shaping and toning the glutes. It is also set up in phases, starting off with body weight exercises and progressing to heavier resistances. It also includes a step by step exercise how to guide It is $30

-My At-Home Core Strength and Stability Program is designed along the same lines as my Booty Builder (periodized progression), except it’s specifically designed around core strengthening exercises. It also includes a step by step exercise how to guide. It is $30

-My Bodyweight HIIT Program is available on its own for $20, as well. It consists of 10 different high intensity circuits that can easily be performed anyway, any time.

I also do nutrition only coaching. This includes, calorie/macronutrient recommendations based on your specific goals, tips on how to track calories and macros, the most accurate way to measure portions based on you specifically, tips on meal prep, a list of healthy options to stock your kitchen, and some of my favorite recipes. I also include tips for “mindful eating” to help you achieve success if nutrition tracking just isn’t for you. This service is $30

The way it works is first we determine which program would be best for you and your goals, then I send you my comprehensive client questionnaire via email, you fill it out and email it back. Then, I get your program and all the information together and send the PDF to your email.

I get paid through PayPal, so when I’m ready to send the program I’ll send a payment request. Once the transaction is complete, I’ll send you everything.